Post-Acute Services


Post-Acute Services

Supportive Healthcare Post-Acute Care has partnered with several local Cincinnati-based post-acute facilities and Assisted Living/Independent Living communities. Our post-acute services are where our providers will closely monitor patients while in a post-acute setting, often after hospitalization, for complications or changes in condition, which improves the likelihood of catching new or recurring problems early. Supportive Healthcare Post-Acute Care will also remove some of the administrative burdens post-acute nurses face today. Our team will work with your pharmacy on delivery issues, order all diagnostic tests, update families on new orders or condition changes, order equipment/supplies, etc.

When You Are Ready, We'll Be There

When you have reached your goals and are ready to transition back to your prior living environment, our providers will participate in an interdisciplinary group meeting with the post-acute facility to assist with the discharge process. Depending on the situation, you may have days, weeks, or months to plan for this transition; whenever you begin to think about what is needed and if primary care needs are required in the home, we can assist with the discharge. We will review the requirements in the discharge documents and work with you or your loved one to develop a customized care plan that meets our patient's unique needs. This care plan will consider medical conditions, physical and cognitive issues, and the personal preferences of you or your loved ones. Some of the tasks in the care plan will come from the discharge instructions, and some will come from the home care assessment we conduct.

Facility nurses can utilize our secure messaging platform to notify us of patient needs. This support allows nurses to have more time to provide patient-centered care, increasing patient satisfaction in the post-acute setting.