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Remote Patient Monitoring


Remote Patient Monitoring

When a patient is homebound, it can be challenging to get them to their primary care provider and get the necessary care and tests they might need. With advancements in healthcare, Supportive HealthCare Medical HouseCalls can immediately monitor for shortness of breath, abnormal heart rhythm/blood pressure, adverse reactions to medication, fluid retention, etc., without going to their PCP office. Remote patient monitoring allows Supportive HealthCare Medical HouseCalls providers to monitor patients daily who are in their homes, in transit, or even on vacation by using devices like:

  • Glucose meters for diabetes management
  • Blood pressure cuffs to measure blood pressure
  • Oximeters to measure blood oxygen levels
  • Scales to monitor for sudden weight changes due to fluid retention

Healthcare providers with the ability to access such information in real-time and conduct video visits as necessary, the success of the recovery process is enhanced while Readmission due to post-surgical complications is reduced.